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Strive is building India’s first platform for Live Cohort Based Courses. Unlike Impersonal and recorded video lectures, we aim to deliver a premium and practical Learning Experience through small groups of 20-25 people in each course. Learners have real time access to our industry experts, join a private community of like minded learners and graduate from the course having achieved tangible results for their goals. This could be starting your podcast and getting your very first listeners, investing your money into stock market, starting your DJ career, writing your first book and much more.

Credible Content - Course Content is designed and delivered live by verified industry experts with years of experience.
Micro-Communities - Our group based approach creates the conditions for communities to emerge organically. We provided course specific and course agnostic activities to help learners bond and form long-lasting relationships. eg before even the course begins, we conduct ice-breaker activities and introductions.
Personal feedback - Small groups make it much easier for expert to provide feedback to all learners. Our Podcasting cohort is so diverse and mix-skilled and we have already seen members advising and reviewing each other starting from the first assignment.
Agile curriculum - The world is changing fast, and so we make sure our content & curriculum is always upated with the latest knowlegde.
Live Q&A with instructors - We have special focus on this and make sure the learners leave with all their questions answered.

For the experts and creators, we provide all the necessary tools and a trusted platform to build a high quality live cohort based course and be able to reach their audience without any geographical constraints.

Strive’s mission is to provide anyone interested in learning literally anything with like minded people and community, high quality content and access to expert guidance.

We would love to know your thoughts about us. If you have some advice or just want to say Hi, contact us at

Meet the Founders

Aseem Khanduja

I have done my Bachelors from IIT Delhi 👨🏽‍🎓. Prior to co-founding Strive, I was working as Head of Artificial Intelligence at a Renewable Energy Startup, where I designed predictive ML algorithms that continue to power over half of India's Renewable Energy plants 💫 .

Kartik Mehrotra

I am an Alumni of UC Berkeley and have previously worked across cultures and continents, in San Francisco, Hong Kong, Delhi and Bangalore. Having worked as a consultant at Deloitte and Head of Business and Strategy at a blockchain startup, I have a broad perspective of managing both large and small scale operations.

Pranav Shikarpur

I study Mathematics at the University of Maryland 👨🏽‍🎓 . I was winner 🥈 at the Intel ISEF, and I also have a minor planet named after me by MIT's Lincoln Laboratory 😄. Before co-founding Strive, I was solving important problems at non-profits for over 3 years.


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