Content Creation from A to Z with Divya Pamar



Content Creation from A to Z

with Divya Pamar

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Live Classes

Live classes during the above listed times for the duration of the course.


Lifetime Access

Can't attend live class or cohort? Don't worry. Once you sign up for the cohort, you can always access the recordings and future cohorts on Strive


Create and Monetize Content

Create your own content from scratch and learn how to monetize it.


Collaborate and Make Friends

Participate in specifically designed collaborative activities for teamwork, feedback and learning

Hey, I'm Divya Pamar ๐Ÿ‘‹

I am Divya Parmar. I'm a Public Speaker and a Life Coach. I've been creating content on Instagram that helps you lead a beautiful life. I grew from 400 followers to 40k followers within 1 month. And I am here to make sure that you can do it too. To know how, just join this course.

I've been a public speaker at the age of 18, a topper and an ex-entrepreneur. I became an indian millionaire at 17 helping people live a better life for free and I've been rewarded several awards for public speaking and much more.

Who is this course for?

Budding Content Creators

You may do everything but still won't be able to reach your destination until and unless you know which way to walk. The difference between failure and success is just of seriousness. Be sincere enough to whatever it is that u are doing. These sessions will be enough for you to reach 100k followers with 5-10 months and those followers will be enough for u to start making a living out of your passion. The choice is yours.

Don't just watch content. Create it and earn from it today!

โ‚น 1999

โ‚น 750

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The Strive Experience

Live & Interactive

Live & Interactive

Join weekly live sessions with top experts and learn through fun & interactive practical exercises.

Trusted Experts

Trusted Experts

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Private Community

Private Community

Learning is so much better with peers & community. You become a part of a life long private community of like minded individuals & help each other grow with team work and collaboration.

Real Results

Real Results

All our courses are designed to make sure you learn by doing, get the practical experience and finish the course with results you can measure.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a cohort based course?

A cohort based course is a group course wherein you learn from an expert in small groups over a period of time through group activities and practical tasks. These course generally have a real outcome unlike most self-paced recorded courses.

How is this course different from other courses?

Unlike most courses which are basically playlist of videos, this course is project centric and interaction focused. We conduct live lectures & workshops in small groups which ensure peer interaction, feedback and accountability.

How is the course structured?

The course will have live classes & Q/A with the instructor, live & practical workshops with peers & networking sessions to form connections and friends.

What is the time commitment for joining the course?

The course will comprise of 2 live expert sessions lasting 90 minutes each. During the live sessions there will also be group based workshops & activities.

Are the sessions live or recorded?

All the sessions are live with experts in groups. However we will record all the sessions which will be available to you to view later.


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