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Content Writing 101

Learn how to write non-cliché content that connects and converts

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Course Duration : Aug 7 - Aug 8

2 Live | 90 minute Sessions

Saturday 12 PM & Sunday 12 PM IST


Live Classes

Live classes during the above listed times for the duration of the course.


Lifetime Access

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Create engaging content that converts

Learn how to woo your audience with non-cliche content that makes an impact


Make New Friends

Participate in specifically designed collaborative activities for teamwork, feedback and learning

Hey, I'm Tanishka Makkar 👋

I am a content writer and a UX Enthusiast. I help freelancers, bloggers, and entrepreneurs write engaging web content that converts. It started way back in school when I used to find content to speak in school assemblies until now that I started doing it professionally. I also landed a content writing internship during college, where I was overworked and underpaid. Inside the Bootcamp, I'll also teach you how not to let this happen to you. Eventually, I landed up a decent job and started Content Writing as a side hustle, and now there's no looking back. Being a UX Enthusiast, I mix design concepts with writing to make it more fun, engaging and colorful. And, what's more fulfilling than your clients loving the work and your community rooting for you?

I got 10+ high-paying clients in the first 2 months of starting as a content writing freelancer. I have helped students achieve their content writing goals and get clients

Who is this course for?


You are a clean-slate with little to no experience in the content writing industry, and you want to learn about it as a potential career path.

Writing Enthusiasts

You have always enjoyed writing, but you write mostly about your experiences. Since you love it so much, you want to kick-start your career in this field.

Content Writer

You are already a content writer, but you want to enhance your skills to get access to new opportunities that are waiting for you.

Take your first step to learn one of the most in demand skills today



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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a cohort based course?

A cohort based course is a group course wherein you learn from an expert in small groups over a period of time through group activities and practical tasks. These course generally have a real outcome unlike most self-paced recorded courses.

How is this course different from other courses?

Unlike most courses which are basically playlist of videos, this course is project centric and interaction focused. We conduct live lectures & workshops in small groups which ensure peer interaction, feedback and accountability.

How is the course structured?

The course will have live classes & Q/A with the instructor, live & practical workshops with peers & networking sessions to form connections and friends.

What is the time commitment for joining the course?

The course will comprise of 2 live expert sessions lasting 90 minutes each. During the live sessions there will also be group based workshops & activities.

Are the sessions live or recorded?

All the sessions are live with experts in groups. However we will record all the sessions which will be available to you to view later.


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