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Fundamentals of Digital Photography

Learn to Use the Camera like an Award-Winning Professional Photographer

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Course Duration : Jun 26 - Jun 27

2 Live | 90 minute Sessions

Saturday 12 PM & Sunday 12 PM IST


Live Classes

Live classes on Saturday (June 26) 12 PM & Sunday (June 27) 12 PM IST for the duration of the course.


Lifetime Access

Can't attend live class or cohort? Don't worry. Once you sign up for the cohort, you can always access the recordings and other materials on the Strive platform


Start Taking Pictures like a Pro

Learn the detailed techniques on how to take great pictures using any camera


Make New Friends

Participate in specifically designed collaborative activities for teamwork, feedback and learning

Hey, I'm Jayanth Sharma ๐Ÿ‘‹

I took up serious photography in 2004, and after gradually moving out of my day job to pursue my passion full time, I co-founded Toehold in 2010, and especially since then, I have been a prolific producer of consistently stunning imagery โ€” the kind that is planned in a studio and executed outdoors.

Effortlessly combining natural history and fine-art elements, I bring back rarely seen perspectives from the little-visited domains and far corners of the natural world.
I am an award-winning wildlife photographer.

Having worked in the mighty Himalayas, the unexplored Northeast, the secretive South, and the tiger havens of Central India, I am a homegrown photographer who has gone global.

Participants of my Photo Tours find me to be an acutely brilliant mentor and a sparkling inspiration to conceive and execute images they had hitherto probably never imagined.

Add to this the distinct brand of humor with which I spread cheer during my events. Furthermore, you know why people seek my company as much as the fountain of photography expertise I carry so lightly on my illustrious shoulders.

Who is this course for?



You feel that you have a great skill to take pictures using your smartphone and want to start taking more professional pictures.


Budding Photographers

You are a young photographer trying to get guidance from experts on how to improve your photography skills.


Experienced Photographers

You have gained some experience clicking photographs for events, models, etc. You are either freelancing or doing it as a part-time job/hobby. You want to know how to break into the full-time professional photography space.

Learn the fundamentals of digital photography today

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a cohort based course?

A cohort based course is a group course wherein you learn from an expert in small groups over a period of time through group activities and practical tasks. These course generally have a real outcome unlike most self-paced recorded courses.

How is this course different from other courses?

Unlike most courses which are basically playlist of videos, this course is project centric and interaction focused. We conduct live lectures & workshops in small groups which ensure peer interaction, feedback and accountability.

How is the course structured?

The course will have live classes & Q/A with the instructor, live & practical workshops with peers & networking sessions to form connections and friends.

What is the time commitment for joining the course?

The course will comprise of 2 live expert sessions lasting 90 minutes each. During the live sessions there will also be group based workshops & activities.

Are the sessions live or recorded?

All the sessions are live with experts in groups. However we will record all the sessions which will be available to you to view later.


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