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DeFi Masterclass

  • What? (Definition)
  • Why? ( About Decentralisation and Gamification)
  • How? (Applications & Tools – Stable Coin, Tokenization, Lending & Borrowing, Staking &Liquidity)
  • Who?( Examples – Maker, Aave, Compound)

Sanhitha Napa

4 years exp in DeFi, Previously: Cofounder
DecentaAge, Quantitative Financial Analyst @Almora

Learn to build your 100x crypto portfolio

  • Getting started with crypto space
  • Understanding the basics of the crypto
  • How to plan your research, Bitcoin Dominance
  • How to find potential crypto using (Messari, CMC, CG) Start Investing

Himanshu Sachan

Founder of Fincrypto, Previously Growth Manager at Asava Labs

Understand how Blockchain works

  • Basics of blockchain technology, Blockchain Defined
  • Ethereum Blockchain, Algorithms & Techniques
  • Blockchain applications
  • How is the technology evolving
  • How are cryptocurrencies created on the blockchain.

Smit Khakhkhar

Previously : CTO @ Coin Crunch India | Ex- CoinDCX | Ex- CoinDelta

Invest in Crypto Like a Pro / NFT masterclass

  • Learning to use cryptocurrency exchanges and safely secure your coins.
  • Learning how the cryptocurrency market cycles work and how to properly navigate them using various models.
  • NFT Portfolio Construction, Identifying NFT Projects With Potential, Avoiding NFT Scams
  • NFT Investing, NFT portfolio, money management and risk management, NFT ownership rights, copyright and legality

Kartik Mehrotra

Founder, Strive

Learn Crypto Trading like a Pro

  • Important Websites and exchanges.
  • Basic of trading strategies.
  • Crypto Trading Lingos.
  • Market Phases.
  • Candlesticks.
  • Different types of candlesticks.
  • Support and Resistance Zones.
  • Support becomes resistance and visa versa.
  • How to think as a trader?
  • Risk Management.

Yash Umaria

Professional & Full time Crypto Trader

Ask Me Anything About Crypto

  • I have worked at Deloitte as a blockchain and cryptocurrency expert and consultant.
  • There I worked with top blockchain startups, and was responsible for increasing blockchain awareness within the firm and taught top executives.
  • I have also worked for an early stage blockchain startup as Head of Business Development and lead their US expansion.
  • Being an early believer & investor in blockchain technology, I have invested heavily in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Kartik Mehrotra

Founder, Strive

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Students say


BBA student

I got to know about this session via Paytm events. And session was amazing but the 30th January session was attended by vashisht sir and that was all about guide of exchange and 29th session was full of knowledgeable by mohd. Sir.they teach us how to analyse fundamental of crypto on coinmarket cap..Thak you for giving me opportunity to learn. Will attend future lectures also.

Every topic help me to understand the basics and how I can start trading and investing

Naman Gupta

Former Credit Analyst @ American Express

The way the session was detailed and how every topic was explained helped me in understanding the basics and how I can start trading and investing, something that I have been wanting to do for a long time but was unsure of, but now I feel confident about it, thanks to you guys.

I was continuously jotting things and came to know how much I don’t know about crypto.

Naman Jindal

Software Engineer

So in himanshu's session got introduced so many new terms. Was continuously jotting thing and came to know how much I don't know about crypto. One thing I beleive which can be improved is we can have someone who manages the question front many queries are quite similar and can be combined. This is common for all of the session. Overall I feel great community and great sessions. I have always faced difficulty in putting myself into the crypto world due to fear of losing money on doing something silly which I feel is changing

I had a wonderful experience at the previous masterclass.

Maneesh Kushwaha

1st year Bachelor of Arts

I had a wonderful experience at the previous masterclass. Strive is a great platform  for those who are just getting started with digital assets and investments such as bitcoin and nfts.

Strive provides amazing and insightful sessions

Yash Agarwal

Stock Marketer

Strive provides amazing and insightful sessions and courses on crypto. If anyone wants to gain more knowledge on crypto space they must check out Strive.

We grasped everything so easily coz it was very easy to learn.

Vimit Kundra

12th Standard

At the beginning of the session, it was quite boring coz I already knew how crypto works but after an hour the magic begins the level of intensity was increasing and just then the interesting part came crypto trading, we just grasped everything so easily coz it was very easy to learn. All thanks to Kartik Mehrotra (the host) who guided me with every crypto update and last but not least all the crew members who made it possible for us to guide me through cryptocurrency like a cakewalk.

Strive crypto circle & their Masterclass has changed the way people see crypto

Mayank Sachar

Interior design student

According to my, there are a lot of people who still don't have a basic knowledge about the crypto world, it's not like these people don't want to learn about it.It is just that they don't have any guidance, strive crypto circle & their Masterclass has like changed the way people see crypto, sessions are really good, well explained and can be explained to a beginner easily, I can definitely recommend these guys to you.

The class was amazing and got to learn a lot about crypto

Shreyash W

First year electrical and computer engineering

It was my first time getting introduced to crypto and nft although I knew about it I didn't have a great idea. So I found a class hosted by strive about crypto. the class was amazing and got to learn a lot about crypto, like what is nft , how they are valued, gas money, and stuff. looking forward to more seminars to be held.

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